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We are in the first inning of a sweeping societal change that will forever alter the way we live. 5G — the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology — is starting to roll out and has created the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

In this brand-new special report, Tom Hutchinson, 5G expert and editor of the highly respected High Income Factor newsletter, reveals the three stocks that could double or triple your money in the coming year from this massive profit wave, including:

  • The undisputed $23 billion king of chips that makes the ONLY chip that can enable 5G. This near monopoly is perfectly positioned to hand investors windfall profits in the coming year.
  • The current 5G buildout plays right into the hands of this juggernaut that leases over 100,000 cell towers and 70,000 miles of fiber optic cable. It’s already locked up the nation’s four largest wireless service providers as customers.
  • This $25 billion giant acquires and operates data centers that house digital and computer storage infrastructure. It’s poised to make massive profits capitalizing on the coming 5G rollout.

And much, much more.

The move from 3G to 4G was like going from walking to running. 5G will be like strapping on a jet pack! Investors in the right stocks could make 10 times their money or more.

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