There Is One Clear Winner as President Trump Shreds Obama’s Job‑Killing Energy Sector Rules . . .

Because, in rolling back Obama regulations, the president gave a $25 billion “gift” to one U.S. company. When that gift hits the bottom line, share prices could soar to fortune‑building heights!

Dear Reader,

You could quickly triple your money, then make a lot more when you crash a hush‑hush party where tens of billions of dollars are set to flow into corporate America’s coffers.

It’s all thanks to one of President Trump’s most aggressive initiatives to revive the economy.

Because of that initiative, CEOs across America are rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation of vast new profits.

Yet, as Trump takes a sledgehammer to one restrictive Obama‑era regulation after another, it’s as if he’s also favoring one company in particular.

The Handcuffs Are Off

That’s because the president’s quiet shift in policy is set to drive $25 billion in new revenue into just one company’s accounts — in a sense, an inadvertent “gift” from America’s 45th president.

It’s a huge deal, one that won’t stay hidden for too much longer.

In fact, as you read this report there is a chance there will be enough information that leads you to believe you’ve discovered the identity of the company with the $25 billion gift.

While I would applaud your initiative, I also urge caution. That’s because the fake news media is misreporting the exact company with the $25 billion gift.

So, please read this report closely, because in it I’ll also show you how to pick the company’s pockets and then make a clean getaway . . . or hold on for what is potentially the best stock market play of the decade.

That’s the power that a fresh $25 billion will generate for the company and its shareholders . . . because, in the life of a company, this is a once‑in‑a‑lifetime event.

There’s a Reason the Crowd Hasn’t
Heard This News . . .Yet

Even as this could be the easiest huge stock market success you’ve ever banked, I need to amplify one important factor . . .

You’ll have to make your move quickly because the company’s massive new revenue stream has, so far, slipped under the radar due to all the other noise coming out of Washington.

How much noise?

President Trump touted this deal and this company’s new $25‑billion revenue stream, and no one heard.

But once the company begins to report the first of its new billions, well, you can imagine that events could quickly get out of hand . . . and rapidly snowball.

In fact, the company should hint at this fat new revenue stream in its third quarter report this October, then more prominently in its annual report, which it usually releases in the last week of February.

As the headlines get larger and more noticed, the window on the biggest gains will close tightly even for the smartest investors.

Because the headlines will be so huge, my conservative forecast for early 302 percent gains will likely seem paltry a year from now . . . but let’s capture some money and go from there.

So, that’s why you need to let one of America’s most trusted financial writers get you up to speed on this event PDQ — maybe faster!

Uncovering Financial Secrets You
Aren’t Supposed to Know

For many of you, the name of the man who uncovered this $25 billion gift for the ages will come as little surprise.

He is one of America’s leading investment authorities who’s been known to charge thousands of dollars for his best ideas.

His name is Tom Hutchinson . . . a man who made his winning reputation as a denizen of Wall Street’s back alleys and quiet corners.

Today, Tom is the seasoned senior financial editor at Newsmax Finance’s leading investment advisory — High Income Factor — which is based upon a single powerful idea.

Like you, Tom recognizes that big banks and ultra‑rich hedge funds usually beat everyone else to the best investments . . . Tom has made it his singular mission to even the stakes for you.

There’s Only One Reason 20,000+
Readers Flock to High Income Factor

In fact, Tom’s track record is remarkable proof that he is equal to, or better than, the highly paid accountants and lawyers who work for big‑money employers . . .

Tom is a hunter.

He crunches tons of data . . . he reads the dry‑as‑dust economic reports. He devours dozens of industry journals and combs through back‑page news. He even watches for federal announcements.

Tom is so thorough, even The Wall Street Journal doesn’t cover half that data.

But it’s Tom’s playground!

That’s why you should find these open positions in his current portfolio quite exciting.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners +99.52%
Main Street Capital +92.40%
Cedar Fair +27%
PepsiCo +95.85%
Eli Lilly +247.28%
Altria +12.81%
BlackRock Enhanced +108.49%
People’s United +22.86%
Duke Energy +31.44%
Western Refining +96%
General Mills +57%
Intel +78%
Westpac Banking +57%
Ventas +38%
Realty Income +78%
FLY Leasing +40%
Health Care REIT +43%

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners


Main Street Capital


Cedar Fair




Eli Lilly




BlackRock Enhanced


People’s United


Duke Energy



Western Refining


General Mills




Westpac Banking




Realty Income


FLY Leasing


Health Care REIT


And now he’s found what could be the biggest prize of all . . . it’s a jackpot you can hit for a big success, like a sharpshooter aiming at a giant bull’s‑eye.

The $25 Billion Gift Is Just Part of
Trump’s New America . . . But It Could
Find You Standing Knee‑Deep in Money

Our new president is serious about re‑energizing home‑grown American business. Especially in the energy sector.

It’s all about tilting the playing field back in America’s favor.

After all, energy is the All‑American product.

Long before the Saudis and the Libyans got in the game, America dominated the field.

We produced nearly 70 percent of the world’s oil in 1925.

Even in 1950, as the rest of the world began to discover their own sources, America still commanded half the globe’s oil trade.

In fact, an import quota imposed in 1959 limited imports to a fraction of domestic production until 1973.

Then, U.S. dependence on foreign oil rose from 26 percent to 47 percent between 1985 and 1989.

By 2006, imports made up 60 percent of U.S oil supply.

That number began falling . . . it was nearing 35 percent thanks to our vast shale oil and gas reserves. Then President Obama slammed on the brakes.

But President Trump is not having any of that.

“Trump is clearing out the political shenanigans from the Obama administration,” said Christopher Guith, a vice president for energy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

That means undoing the EPA methane rule, the Clean Power Plan, and the Waters of The United States regulations that stymie energy exploration.

It means opening up federal lands to oil and gas exploration . . . a game‑changing move of epic proportions.

That’s because studies find that the doing away with drilling restrictions on federal lands would create 2.7 million energy jobs.

Easing restrictions would also add $663 billion to the economy annually for the next 30 years.

President Trump is setting America’s energy sector free . . .

Free to use breakthrough technologies in a way that shifts energy’s center of gravity back to America where it belongs.

Making U.S. Energy Great Again
Starts With Exports . . . It’s a Sign
of Our New Energy Dominance

Putting America back on energy’s center stage starts with natural gas.

Billions of dollars’ worth, finally making American companies rich again.

That’s huge, as Mr. Trump might say.

It’s how Tom Hutchinson came to discover the one company in this industry that recently latched onto a new $25 billion contract.

He has just released this new report to his High Income Factor readers, so you want to get in on this now.

Because America is about to shock the world . . . and force its way back onto the global energy scene as a major player.

And, Tom found the perfect way for you to score a major stock market success based on this new reality.

Here’s why . . .

The last time the United States was a net exporter of natural gas was in 1957, when Dwight Eisenhower was president.

That losing reality is set to reverse dramatically — to a winning breakthrough.

By the middle of 2018, the U.S. is forecast to become the world's third‑largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

By the end of next year, U.S. LNG export capacity will top 6 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), or 8 percent of the country’s domestic consumption.

Here is the shocker . . . that massive new capacity is up from zero at the beginning of 2016.

To put 6 bcfd of gas into perspective, it's enough to fuel about 30 million U.S. homes, or almost every house in California, Texas, and Florida combined . . . all from a big fat zero in 2016.

In other words, President Trump has pushed the pedal to the metal!

Because of that, U.S. LNG exports are set to transform world energy markets.

Just a decade ago, before the shale revolution, the U.S. was expected to become a growing LNG importer, not an exporter.

America was supposed remain a slave to Russian, Middle Eastern and North African gas, much as we had been for decades with our dependence on foreign crude oil.

Thanks to the shale revolution, the U.S. will become a world‑class competitor.

It will offer cheaper and more flexible cargoes. And, the U.S. could even be a more politically palatable supplier to buyers such as the Germans, French, and Spaniards, who are wary of Russia and its unstable president, Vladimir Putin.

The increased supply of North American LNG should also bring more predictability to pricing through the development of more‑liquid trading markets.

This is all thanks to President Trump’s aggressive America‑first energy policy.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat Because the
Smart Money Went Dumb for 3 Months

When you think about it, you can also see how President Trump’s surprise win last November caught the giant oil and gas industry off guard.

If it had only known . . .

Because after years of sitting on tons of excess natural gas they couldn’t sell, company after company simply shut down its facilities.

Now these companies are watching and weeping from the sidelines.

And, there’s a huge reason why major energy companies simply can’t jump back into the LNG game.

You see, there are no gas pipelines from the U.S. to Europe or China.

And because natural gas is so light — invisible to the naked eye — it would be worthless to load onto a cargo ship . . . unless the gas is changed into a form that can be easily transported.

To do that, natural gas needs to be cooled to ‑260 degrees Fahrenheit. At that low temperature, when it becomes liquid, natural gas is just 1/600 of its original volume . . . easy to export in special cargo ships.

And only one company in America kept its capability alive to liquefy natural gas.

And, President Trump has set that company free.

Now, Tom Hutchinson forecast that if you take a stake in that exact same company, you may find yourself 302 percent richer by Feb. 24, 2018.

Perhaps much, much more down the line.

Letter from Publisher

Hello, my name is Charles Hamiltom.

I’ve been in the financial investment industry for over 35 years. I’m a featured guest on CNBC, Fox Business, and am frequently quoted as an expert in The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Money magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and Barron’s to name just a few.

Among my best‑selling books is The Global War for Oil.

Today, I am proud to say that I am the financial newsletter and trading publisher at internationally renowned Newsmax Media.

Newsmax is one of the world’s fastest‑growing media companies because it’s a huge favorite among politically and financially conservative investors.

In fact, it’s only by being faithful to our conservative readers that we came to be ranked as the one of the top three political news and financial sites over such sites as HuffPost Politics, Fox News Politics, CNN Politics, NBC News Politics, and Politico.

Our Newsmax magazine has nearly 1 million subscribers, and our book publishing division is known for its top sellers, including one that reached No. 1 on the New York Times’ best‑seller list.

Tom Hutchinson

So when say I stand in awe of the work Tom Hutchinson does at High Income Factor believe me, I have earned the right to say it.

Tom is a veteran analyst who, despite the years he toiled in New York’s financial district, is not jaded or cynical.

He treats the data that crosses his desk with great curiosity rather than as workday drudgery

What he discovered just days ago is exactly how America’s well‑connected big‑money interests will make billions of dollars, as usual . . .

The Clock Is Ticking Down on This
Potentially Massive Moneymaker

And, as of this moment, there is brief opening for regular Americans to jump on big money’s coattails for what could turn out to be an all‑time great payout in the history of wealth.

In other words, you’ll be moving in tandem with well‑connected
money . . . almost like using a Trojan horse to sneak you into
their wealth‑creation event of a lifetime.

Regular investors aren’t gobbling this up yet. But prestigious and highly successful buyers like Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley have already taken big stakes.

But, the pages are flying off the calendar and that is working against you.

After Feb. 24, 2018, those big investors could start selling for gains, the way they always do, and then the odds of you making this 300 percent, 400 percent return will likely be gone.

The time to get in place so you can rapidly turn $5,000 into $20,000 . . . is right now. You could turn:

$1,000 into $4,020

$2,000 into $8,040

$5,000 into $20,100

$25,000 into $100,500

To Be Announced . . . One Time Only!!!

In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to lock down a FREE energy report that puts you in the heart of this breakthrough action. It’s a report Tom wrote exclusively for Newsmax Finance readers, like you.

Because, in making America great again, President Trump will also make astute Americans very wealthy.

How We Got Here . . .

The oil and gas industry has been so overregulated you’d almost think our own government mistook it for the enemy.

The worst of it started with a war, as many big and wrong‑headed policies often do.

Take That, OPEC! America Is Ready to Kick Butt and Dominate You Again

In 1973, the U.S. helped Israel after it was attacked by Egypt and Syria. In response, OPEC set out to punish all Americans. The Middle Eastern countries that made up OPEC then had just begun to produce enough oil to push the cartel’s weight around.

OPEC embargoed shipments to the U.S. and squeezed supplies for many more years to come.

OPEC squeezed so hard in 1979 that Americans were forced to ration gas. Everyone was assigned an even or odd day to buy fuel, depending on the last digit of their license plate.

Natural Gas Production Has Soared Since 2010

But OPEC can’t squeeze America anymore. Not only are the Middle Eastern countries watching their reserves fall, it’s boom time for America.

Shale oil fields (or, tight oil) have turned our energy industry around. It is also the reason we have an abundance of natural gas for export . . .

Tight oil comes with fracking and horizontal drilling, and it releases tons of natural gas in the process.

New technology has created today’s and tomorrow’s greatest natural‑resource wealth machine.

But, instead of putting your money on wildcatters and energy exploration companies . . . consider a strong move into the closest play to a sure thing that you might never see again.

It’s a midsized company with an explosive upside thanks to what should be a guaranteed $25 billion in new revenue

It’s the very company that could rev up your own wealth generator if you’re in place before Feb. 24, 2018!

President Trump Has Finally Solved Our “Too Much Gas” Problem

Under Barack Obama, America had nowhere to move all of its new‑found natural gas.

At one point under the Obama administration, the Department of Energy only granted one export permit out of 17 applications!

With nowhere to send our natural gas bonanza, the price here at home crashed. Drills began to shut down.

Is This Bonanza All for One Company?
For the Next Two Years It Sure Looks Like It

Here is where Trump’s historic policy shift means you could grab the big payout . . .

For at least the next two years, one company stands to collect almost half of the storm tide of new LNG money that will flood into the U.S.


Tom Hutchinson has exact details in a just‑published report called Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments.

The report reveals the exact name of the huge LNG exporter, as well as two other energy‑sector wealth‑builders.

You need to get your hands on the report now because, I assure you, despite the huge hints contained in this letter, there is a significant chance you will invest in the wrong LNG company.

The report is your opening — it’s when you can actually make a move with strong potential to turn:

$2,000 into $8,000

$5,000 into $20,000

$10,000 into $40,000

This Is a Whole New Market!

The future is liquid . . . literally.

As I noted, natural gas cannot be exported overseas in its gassy form . . . it needs to be concentrated before it can go aboard tanker ships.

Unfortunately, thanks to years of ridiculous regulations and destructive export bans, practically no one could get enough export permits to make it worthwhile.

One by one, huge developing markets in Asia and gas‑hungry countries in Europe were artificially placed out of reach of great American companies.

In turn, as you’d expect, American refiners simply shut down their liquefaction plants.

All except for one company.

And now, it’s ready to take President Trump’s gift and run with it.

All that export capacity you see on this chart is practically owned by this single company. At least until 2020.

A 60‑Year Bottleneck Means Explosive
Growth Ahead for One American Company

The LNG business is about to enter a time warp!

Suddenly the U.S. is on track to be the third‑largest exporter in the world! Almost as great as it used to be right after World War II.

And the years to come could improve that standing.

Qatar — the current leader in natural gas exports — is losing ground rapidly.

It is already working on a deal with ExxonMobil in a desperate move to keep up with future demand it cannot meet alone.

That’s one competitor on the ropes!

Australia is currently in second place, and, because of its vast supply, America will suddenly become a strong competitor.

That’s because, in addition to our huge resources, America’s lone natural‑gas export liquefier is a low‑cost producer.

The American company produces LNG at nearly half the cost Australia can.

For example, when production costs are about $7.60 per BTU for the U.S. company, they are $13.50 for Australia.

So, the U.S. company is ready to pounce! It’s taking President Trump’s $25 billion gift and running with it.

So, you need to move now and get your hands on Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments.

Look How Fast This Window Could Close
in Your Face Unless You Act Today

When I say you need to get Tom’s report and act fast, I mean it.

Because this window will open and close so fast . . . not only will Tom’s feature company have more competition in a couple of years, its stock price is bound to rise as its amazing growth is revealed to everyone else.

We have proof of how the window of opportunity could slam shut straight from the Energy Information Administration.

Look at the yellow on this chart. It’s the window that opens at the end of this year. Call it Dec. 31. It closes by Dec. 31, 2019.

Two years. That’s all. Your first 302 percent could be made just after the window opens . . . then you could generate even bigger gains over the next two years.

The reason this period is critical for your fast profits is because that’s the window in which one company will be practically all alone in the candy store — facing a huge surge in demand that it, and it alone, can fill.

Now, look at the blue line on that chart, and you will see we should have nearly vertical export growth in that window.

That’s the growth Tom wants you to catch.

Because after that spike, LNG exports will only rise about 2.05 percent a year for the following 20 years.

Good for the Long Run

That growth from 2018 through 2020 is awesome. Plus, this investment offers a better‑than 5 percent current yield on top of potentially massive capital gains.

So, imagine capturing 300 percent or better in the next two years on this one stock, then watching its shares continue to rise for 20 more years as it continues to pay large dividends.

Family fortunes are made on owning a few stocks like this one!

It’s a Fact: We’re Talking Boat Loads of Money

This is why you want to know what Tom has to say about the situation.

President Trump has so energized the oil and gas industry that several companies are planning to build their own LNG production facilities —which are called “trains.”

But there is only one company in America that already has an LNG train in operation.

Boom! The Window Shuts on Your
Chance If You Aren’t in Place by Feb. 24

Four more trains are under construction now — but one of them is a second facility for the company Tom wants to share with you.

Next year, another company may have its first train. But the company Tom has found will still dominate.

So, if you want to catch the boon for the only LNG train that’s already running, you better run for it immediately.

Winner, Winner, Staying Ahead

Even when competitors finally get their bit of production going, Tom’s company will remain the giant of the industry.

All the competitors’ facilities under construction now — put together —won’t pass Tom’s pick until 2020!

That’s your major profit window — 2018 to 2020.

Two years when a potential 302 percent gain or better could turn a $5,000 stake into a minimum $20,150

And even after 2020, Tom’s pick is still a shoo‑in to keep on profiting from nearly half of all U.S. LNG exports for years to come.

That’s conservative, too, because it already has the long‑term contracts and deals in place. Everyone else is late to this party.

The Multiples Will Knock Your Socks Off

But let us remember . . .

The big profit accelerator here is the lifting of LNG export bans and the new markets ahead.

Here’s some perspective on that . . . the company Tom has uncovered had $1.1 billion in sales.

Its newest deal in Asia is a $25 billion contract. It also has deals with India . . . and appears to be on the verge of announcing new contracts with China.

Tom calculates the sudden increase in export potential could grow its revenue by 14.5 times — 1,454 percent!

You could wait and see . . .

But, to be blunt, that would be crazy, because the $25 billion is bankable money.


Reasons Your Clear Path to Sustained Wealth Is With Tom Hutchinson and His High Income Factor!

Here’s why you must get off the sidelines and act now:

  1. Quarterly reports for most companies are a crapshoot. But with our LNG pick, double‑digit revenue increases are all but guaranteed at least through 2020.
  2. This company is so far in the lead, all its competitors put together can only match its capacity . . . years from now!
  3. While everyone else is hurrying up to get permits, design, budget, and build new LNG trains, our company is locking down 20‑year contracts with buyers all over the world.
  4. This is one company that is NOT begging for any government protection or help . . . in fact, President Trump just told government to get the blankety‑blank out of the way. It’s full steam ahead.
  5. The Chinese LNG market alone is expanding so fast it will import $30 billion in product by 2030 — and our company has the inside track on all of it.
  6. LNG is the cleanest‑burning fossil fuel. That’s a boon for selling to image‑conscious buyers and countries with strict regulations. Climate change advocate or denier, it doesn’t matter to this company.
  7. Strong potential for its selling price per cubic foot to go up, up, up in coming years as cheap U.S.‑produced LNG begins to compete in markets where LNG has been two to three times as expensive.
  8. Other countries? The leader, Qatar, is running dry. Second place Australia doesn’t have our technology. The U.S. is stepping up to first place, with this company leading the way.
  9. All that said, the true compelling reason is that only one company has a $25 billion contract to deliver LNG to Asia!

This Is Such a No‑Brainer,
the Time to Move Is Now

Acting now puts you in line for what could be a fast 302 percent by Feb. 24, 2018

If you invest just $10,000 in time — like very, very soon, we believe it could be worth at least $40,020 by then.

But you have to make your move now.

Because there’s only one more quarterly report coming before this company prepares its next annual report with all the details, all the plans, projections, and numbers that will make your friends and neighbors wake up.

It should issue that report about Feb. 24, 2018.

So, every day you dither could find you falling farther behind.

And the company seems to be virtually guaranteed to grow by 14.5 times in the next few years. You can see how that should work for you.

The Run Has Begun . . . Don’t
Get Caught Behind the Crowd

It may seem schmaltzy to say, but it is such a thrill to see America on the path to becoming great again . . .

For America to wrestle its energy independence back from the nations that stole it decades ago.

And to be able to profit handsomely from the world’s greatest repatriation of wealth.

And now it’s passed on to you as Trump makes America rich again.

Again, there is only one way you can play this historic event for maximum gains.

You’ll find exact details in Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments a FREE Report from Tom Hutchinson and his High Income Factor.

Two Companion Energy Sector Plays

The oil and gas industry is massive.

That’s why while the LNG play may have the biggest upside, it is not the only way to profit from this massive energy‑wealth transfer.

Inside Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments, along with the LNG company, you’ll also find details on a company that operates America’s pipelines that connect to half of America’s refineries.

Now that President Trump has set the energy sector free, massive amounts of oil will flow through this company’s pipeline.

It looks to be a solid winner. And it has a unique way of piggy‑backing on America’s impending oil independence.

Plus, your FREE report Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments, also contains a solid income play.

In fact, right now, this company is paying out a 4.4 percent income stream — that’s already double what it paid out just five years ago.

But when America puts the finishing touches on true energy independence, totally free from bullying, manipulation, and threats from not‑so‑friendly countries elsewhere, it could make today’s 4.4 percent yield look like small potatoes.

When you subscribe to Tom Hutchinson’s High Income Factor today, you’ll discover how high this income stream could go — and why — inside your FREE report, Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments.

This One Plays the Spread for 65% Gains!

The third company inside your FREE Report, Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments, is the world’s best petroleum trader . . .

It makes great money refining oil . . .

But it makes even better money when it plays the spread.

For instance . . .

There are times when U.S. shale oil — West Texas Intermediate crude — is priced substantially lower than the international Brent Crude price.

When that happens, this company can either undercut its competitors or grow its margins — or both.

Either way, the stock tends to soar when this happens, as it did in 2012 when the stock grew 65 percent, 2013 when it grew 50 percent, and 2015 when it grew 46 percent:

How it does that is fully detailed in Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments.

And this is another reason you should get in touch with me, pronto!

Because in a short while there’ll be another spread between WTI crude prices and Brent crude prices — and investors in this company will make a killing.

There you have it. Three of Tom’s hottest and best picks . . .

  • One refinery company that plays the spread to 65 percent returns.
  • One pipeline operator that’s doubled income to 4.4 percent over the last year (and should pay out far more than that after what we call “Repatriation Day,” in 2018 when America becomes a net exporter again).
  • And our main pick, the LNG exporter set to grow revenue 1,454 percent before 2020.

Take a No‑Obligation 60‑Day
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of High Income Factor

Tom Hutchinson’s High Income Factor is a flagship Newsmax Finance investment newsletter publication.

Tom has a true knack for finding income plays. But he’s also amazing at finding stocks that return huge capital gains.

Like the time back in November 2012 when he told his readers it would be smart to buy Intel (INTC).

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Again . . .

He Picked the Stock as an Income
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By the time, Tom put the sell alert out in December of last year, High Income Factor readers had earned a respectable income stream of 4.2 percent. And, in that 32‑month time frame, they also locked in a tidy 96.19 percent gain!

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Between Intel, Realty Income, and Western Refining, High Income Factor readers bagged annual returns of 28.95%!

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But again, it’s not just a bargain — it’s a 60‑day, risk‑free test drive.

Please Allow Me to Sweeten the Pot a Little

Because I’m so sure that the High Income Factor is right for you . . . and I’m so sure you’ll benefit from Tom’s FREE Report, Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments . . .

I’d also like to send three additional Free Gifts.

When you take me up on these gifts, you’ll of course still be covered by your 60‑day test drive, too.

3 Little‑Known Income Strategies to Triple Your Return.

We’ve been stuck in a zero percent interest world for so long that it seems impossible to earn high interest.

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In this special report, Tom will show you how Warren Buffett is able to make 10 percent income while most other investors only achieve 5‑7 percent.

Buffett uses a secret strategy to make those kinds of returns that anyone can use, including you.

But you can’t use this strategy with any old stock. You have to know which ones Buffett’s strategy will work with.

Inside your Earn 30 Times Your Money With “Guaranteed Income Certificates” Special Report, Tom reveals the names and ticker symbols of five stocks that’ll work with Buffett’s strategy.

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  • The New Golden Age of Dividends
  • S77 Income (the Secret Side of Oil)
  • Banking on Royal Trusts

And eight others.

All are designed to make you a better income investor. In the reports, Tom covers dividends and more.

He also gets into slightly more complex — but much more lucrative — income investments.

As always, you get the exact stock names and ticker symbols. So, it’s not just about learning, it’s about profiting as you go.

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  3. Podcasts
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