This Secret Helped His
Former Clients Fortify Their Financial Futures.

And Before That, The World’s Richest Have Used It to Grow Their Wealth — Even in the Most Brutal Markets.

Now, You Can Use It to Get
Your Retirement Back on Track Starting Today.

Dear Newsmax Reader,

If you’re already behind on your retirement and can’t afford to watch your savings plummet once again, please pay close attention.

I’m about to show you my simple secret that’ll help you head into your golden years with complete peace of mind.

This secret is the very reason why the wealthy can build crash-proof portfolios that last for centuries and weather the toughest storms.

In the 1930s, a small-town Florida banker named Pat Munroe used it to become a millionaire and grow his wealth throughout the Great Depression.

Wall Street legend, Peter Lynch, also grew the Fidelity Magellan fund from $18 million in assets to over $18 billion with this secret. It’s responsible for his staggering 29% annual returns a year.

Warren Buffett also used it to safeguard and grow his wealth during the Black Monday Crash of 1987, the Dot Com bubble in 2001, the Great Recession of 2008, and this recent COVID-19 Crash.

And perhaps the most amazing example that shows the power of what I’m about to show you is the Walton family.

It’s reported they make a staggering $100 million per day.

Let me repeat that: $100. Million. Per. Day.

Now of course, not everyone is going to have billions of dollars to see that kind of money piling up in their bank account.

However, I wanted to see if the typical American could harness this secret to grow and protect their retirement funds.

The results will blow you away.

Jeremy from Astoria, Oregon, wrote:

“I have been seeing my retirement net worth grow leaps and bounds in a short period of time.”


Glen from Saluda, North Carolina, said:

“You have given new life to my IRA. Now valued at about $300,000!”


George from Lincolnshire, Illinois, wrote:

“My income from investments amounted to $40,000. And now, I’m living comfortably with slightly over $100,000”


These folks are hardworking Americans just like you.

They were sick of seeing their hard-earned money being wiped out by stock market crashes.

They were sick of planning for their retirement only to have a monkey wrench thrown in at the last minute to derail everything.

And they were sick of forking money over to expensive financial advisors who couldn’t deliver.

All they wanted was control over their investments, and peace of mind they were on the right track.

And now they have it.

Today, I’m Revealing This Secret For the first
time ever so you can finally regain control
of your financial future.

I call it the Retirement Revival Formula .

Like the name implies, it can breathe new life into your nest egg.

And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with complicated reverse mortgages, annuities, or any other financial products with tons of fine print you need to sift through with a magnifying glass.

This is much more simple and actually puts you in the driver’s seat of your finances.

You only need to make few clicks to buy and sell regular stocks from your brokerage account. Then you can start watching the profits pile up . . . even if the markets continue to rapidly rise and fall like a roller coaster.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a few thousand dollars . . . or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This can be a glimmer of hope when times get tough.

That’s why . . .

I’ll take you through the entire Retirement Revival Formula in a moment.

But picture yourself a year or two from now. The coronavirus will be a distant memory as will the crash.

You’ll be splurging on a vacation to explore the Greek islands . . .

Devoting your days to hobbies like golf, gardening, and photography . . .

Or taking the grandkids to Disney World and Universal Studios. They’ll love it for sure!

Just like you’re going to love this wealth-building secret I’m going to share with you today.

Sadly, most people are going to be hit hard when the dust settles after this last market crash.

The added volatility is going to make it impossible to play retirement catch-up.

Take a look at this chart and you’ll see what I mean.

After the S&P 500 plunged 34%, there’ve been signs that the markets would bounce back to previous levels, but only to plunge again.

You don’t want to be riding a roller coaster like this when it’s your nest egg on the line!

And I wouldn’t rely on the so-called “safety nets” for help . . .

Social Security payments are averaging just $1,474 a month.

Now, I’m not going to debate whether or not the program will be around a decade or two from now.

Because today I want to give you something the politicians can’t . . .

A solution to put your retirement
worries to rest for good!

Before I pull back the curtains on my Retirement Revival Formula , it’s important to realize that Social Security was always meant to a supplemental source of income for retirees . . .

The typical 65-year-old has just $58,035 saved for retirement.

So even if they “fix” the system, it still won’t be enough for a lasting retirement.

Pensions and private savings were supposed to make up the bulk of Americans’ nest eggs.

And right now, neither of these are looking too hot . . .

In an effort to control costs, companies are dropping pensions and shifting the retirement savings burden to individuals.

And that’s not looking too hot either . . .

The typical 65-year-old has just $58,035 saved for retirement.

Honestly, who can blame them? Housing, healthcare, and overall living costs have skyrocketed in recent years.

It’s hard to think about retirement savings when you’re just trying to make ends meet.

To make up for meager savings, many folks nearing retirement played the dangerous game of trying to make up for it in the stock market.

And this last “corona crash” devasted their hopes.

Speaking of savings, the traditional safe havens like money market funds and treasuries are yielding ZERO.

This exposes you to interest rate risk. If rates go up, which is the only direction they can go right now, you risk taking a hit on your principle. $1,000 invested could become $900, or $800, depending on the market.

This is a hopeless situation.

Retirees are being painted into a corner.

However, you can get your retirement
plans back on track starting today.

In a moment, I’m going to reveal my Retirement Revival Formula . And I’m going to show you how to put it into action in the fastest, easiest way possible.

I developed this formula after working for 16 years on Wall Street.

I studied what the world’s wealthiest did to protect and grow their money in the most brutal markets.

Then I combined the most actionable strategies into a simple formula.

I used it with my high net worth clients to help them secure their financial futures. To ensure that their kids and grandkids would be taken care of.

I’ve revealed it to a small group of people from all walks of life since 2011. Some of them were completely new to investing, and others were market veterans looking for a better way.

Here’s a small glimpse of what my Retirement Revival Formula has produced over the years:

  • American Cap Agency Corp — 29.47% Returns
  • Westpac Banking Corp — 56.56% Returns
  • Pimco Income Opportunity Fund — 23.09% Returns
  • SeaDrill — 28.83% Returns
  • Health Care REIT — 43.46% Returns
  • Barclays 7.75 Preferred — 23.76% Returns
  • FLY Leasing Limited — 39.05% Returns
  • Deere & Company — 22.69% Returns
  • Intel — 78.12% Returns
  • Realty Income — 77.97% Returns
  • General Mills — 56.71% Returns
  • Ventas, Inc. — 37.73% Returns
  • Western Refining, Inc. — 96.19% Returns
  • Agrium — 28.27% Returns
  • V.F. Corporation — 58.13% Returns

These are closed positions. Which means investors walked away with those amounts. I’ve also hunted down stocks yielding 5.72% . . . 8.64% . . . and even 10.62%.

And now, I want to give you access to the secret behind these winners.

Tom Hutchinson

But before I get into that, I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Tom Hutchinson — the editor of the High-Income Factor newsletter published by Newsmax.

What’s happening in the markets right now hearkens back to my days as a trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

One minute, it was, “Buy, buy, buy!” The next, it was, “Sell, sell, sell!”

Back then, it really was like those screaming pits you seen in the movies.

We used hand signals to relay orders and fights would break out when things got heated.

I loved the excitement of it all, and you could certainly make some good money.

But I realized that helping others navigate the markets was what I loved the most. And I realized my knowledge trading on the frontlines could really help people from making impulsive moves that could sting later on.

So I went to work as a money manager for Dean Witter — the same place where Chris Gardener got his start.

In case you’re not familiar, he’s the guy Will Smith played in the blockbuster movie, The Pursuit of Happiness.

It’s a true story about a homeless man who was raising a son. However, through hard work and perseverance, he clawed his way into Dean Witter’s stock broker training program where he excelled.

Later, he founded his own brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co., and attained a net worth of $60 million.

I’m telling you this for two reasons.

First, to give you hope during these chaotic times. To show you that no matter where you are in life, or how devastated your financial situation might be right now, you can still climb back and prosper.

And secondly, to show you where I’m coming from.

All of my life, I’ve been the underdog. As the youngest of seven children, I had to look for unconventional ways to stand out.

That’s the reason I got into acting and standup comedy. These outlets allowed me to tackle the elephants in the room. To say what everyone else was thinking, but afraid to say.

I carried this mindset into Dean Witter, and later into my role at Payne Weber (now UBS).

Here’s the thing . . . my clients who I built retirement portfolios for loved my brutally honest view on the markets and certain investments.

And they especially loved it when I shared my Retirement Revival Formula with them. I believed it was something every retiree, and anyone nearing retirement, should use.

My bosses? Not so much.

They were Wall Street hot-shots in the business of selling. They’d go out to dinner with clients — not because they wanted to develop relationships — but because they wanted something from them.

They would butter them up and then hawk their wares at them to get those fat commission checks.

I hated this about the business.

It was always about selling and not helping people.

So in 2011, I left to team up with Newsmax to create the High Income Factor.

I’m sure you’ve tuned into our cable channel that’s viewed by over 35 million people. We’re known for our unfiltered view on politics, health, and the financial markets.

In a world where the media is fueled by ad dollars and ulterior motives, Newsmax provides “news that Americans in the heartland would like to see.”

Real news for real people.

How refreshing is that?

I love it. I don’t have to meet sales quotas. I don’t get commissions for churning or peddling the company’s hot product du jour.

This is the perfect outlet that allows me to deliver unbiased insights that could help people thrive. Like the Retirement Revival Formula you’re getting today.

It could help you come out on top when this stock market roller coaster ride we’ve been on is finally over.

But even before this entire pandemic went down, I was hearing the same questions from people over and over again.

People wanted to know:

  • “Should I stay in stocks? Or move to ‘safer’ income investments?”
  • “How can I live off savings when interest rates are so low?”
  • “I only have a small amount to invest . . . where can I get the most bang for my buck?”

So I thought it was the right time to pull the curtains back on my Retirement Revival Formula .

The timing couldn’t be any better.

Not only did we just see all the stock market gains under Trump vanish into thin air . . .

Typical investments geared toward retirees and those nearing retirement aren’t generating jack squat.

The S&P 500 is yielding just 1.97% . . .

And the famed Dividend Aristocrats are yielding an average of 2.75%.

CDs and savings accounts are pretty much useless at 1%.

And the Fed’s recent rate cut to zero means they won’t go up anytime soon.

Speaking of which, this is punishing bonds — which were once thought of as a safe investment. Especially for those nearing retirement.

That prompted The Wall Street Journal to say:

In short, holding them now is risker than ever.

That’s why what I’m going to show you
today could be absolutely life-changing.
You can make 3% . . . 6% . . . and even 12%!

That beats the pants off any of the alternatives I just mentioned.

It’s all thanks to my Retirement Revival Formula .

Certain insiders are tapping into this secret to collect tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anthony Frank is waiting on a $67,805 payout this year.

Brian Sutter is collecting $95,864.

And Jonathan Beckman is
expected to collect $148,383
this year. That’s more than the
median salary of a lawyer!

With this kind of money hitting their accounts regularly, these folks aren’t sweating over this stock market roller coaster.

Even if you make just a fraction of these amounts, it would go a long way in helping you achieve peace of mind.

You could cover your monthly bills and still have money to spend on life’s luxuries.

To be clear: I’m not talking about high-risk, high-reward investments. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone behind on their retirement.

And I’m not talking about gambling on junk bonds.

Do you really think the world’s wealthiest would risk tens of millions or even hundreds of millions to chase a few extra percentage points?

No way. They guard their money like a soldier at Fort Knox.

The Retirement Revival Formula will help you do the same.

And not only that . . . it’ll help you grow your wealth in the coming weeks even if markets continue to be volatile for the unforeseeable future.

So by now, I’m sure you’re dying to know . . .

What the heck is the Retirement Revival Formula?
And how can it help me get my
financial future back on track?

Here’s where most gurus would hold you hostage and make you pay to find out the secret. Or they’d make you go to an expensive seminar and sit through an 8-hour presentation.

Or if they’re like the guys I worked with at Dean Witter back in the day, they’d ask you to meet them at the Waldorf Astoria for dinner. And you’d be backed into the corner until they had your signature on the line.

And if you resisted, you’d get follow up phone calls that make today’s robocallers look like amateurs. Oh boy, would you ever get follow-up phone calls.

But not me. I’m just going to give you the entire Retirement Revival Formula right here.

It has three parts. Tackle each of them, and you’ll have a strategy that puts you in line It has three parts. Tackle each of them, and you’ll have a strategy that puts you in line with the world’s wealthiest people.

So let’s dive right in. . . .

Markets are uncertain. Nobody knows where the Dow is headed. Anybody who tries to convince you otherwise is full of it.

For example, would anyone have ever predicted a pandemic that nearly brought the entire global economy to its knees in just three weeks?

And during past financial crises and bubbles, sure, there were signals something was off.

But nobody could have predicted when things would unfold or how big the impact would be.

The wealthy know this.

You don’t see Warren Buffett screaming like a used car salesman when things get rough. I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well at his annual Berkshire Hathaway meetings.

And you don’t hear about Bill Gates unloading his investments at the first sign of trouble. In fact, Gates has become good friends with Buffett over the years.

He holds almost $11 billion of Berkshire Hathaway stock.

George Soros in another example.

According to Investopedia, he was a master at translating broad-brush economic trends into highly leveraged, killer plays in bonds and currencies.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home. George Soros is worth $8.3 billion so he has enough “play money” to do things like dabbling in bonds and currencies.

The point is this: Ignore any hype and look for trends that are 100% certain to continue.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world, these trends will continue as sure as the sun will come up in the morning.

If interest rates go up. . . . these trends will continue.

If the U.S. is in a trade war with China. . . . these trends will continue.

If a pandemic halts the global economy. . . . these trends will continue.

If a Democrat is elected as the next president. . . . these trends will continue.

And if Trump is reelected and kicks off a media firestorm. . . . these trends will still continue.

This is how you find certainty in an uncertain world.

And in the coming years, I believe two unstoppable mega trends are going to have the biggest impact on the way we live and how we work.

The first is the simple fact that the fastest growing segment of the population is age 65 and older.

People are living longer so the demand for healthcare and assisted living communities will be in high demand.

Another is technology.

Years ago, it was unfathomable that we could watch videos on mobile phones. Now, we can watch entire movies on our mobile devices without giving it a second thought.

In a moment, I’m going to give you some specific investments that could hand you some big gains, and fat dividends, as these megatrends continue onward and upward.

Part 1 of my Retirement Revival Formula shatters a big misbelief among investors that keeps them in the poor house.

A surprising number of people look for investment opportunities based on stock price, what they hear in the news, or on a tip from a friend.

But the world’s wealthiest know it’s important to step back from the trees so that they can see the entire forest.

And once you do the same, the best opportunities that can weather volatile markets to build a truly crash-proof portfolio will be right in front of you.

That brings us to the next part of my formula. To make any money, you have to first understand how to not lose money.

And far too many people don’t understand that right now in this low-interest-rate environment.

Which is why this next part so important.

Don’t lose money. This is one of the cardinal rules of investing.

However, most people don’t understand the full context of what this means. Which is why they park money in safe investments like T-bills, bonds, and CDs.

Right now, that’s a mistake!

Because for each passing day you have in these so-called “safe” investments, a silent killer is eating away at your wealth.

I’m talking about inflation.

You’ve probably noticed how things are more expensive than they were years ago.

In 2018, the price of a movie ticket average $9.11. The highest ever!

In 1978, that ticket was just $2.34. Which works out to $9.41 in 2018 dollars.

New car prices rose an average of $769 in one year alone.

Even Amazon jacked the price of their Prime Membership from $99 to $119.

That’s inflation at work. And to illustrate how detrimental it can be on your investments consider this chart:

It shows the value of $1,000 over 5 10 and 25 years.

As you can see, the value of your money could be cut in half before you even reach the

10-year mark!

And this is a very real possibility.

The historical rate of inflation since World War II has been 3.5%.

But another rate cut by the Fed rising medical costs and exploding housing costs means this could shoot up in the coming months and years.

And this is creating a situation where playing it safe is more risky than ever.

Especially, when you consider what I told you above: That the fastest growing population segment is age 65 and older—this includes you if you’re nearing retirement.

Which is why, now, more than any other time in history, you need your money to last longer as well.

And I’ve found just the perfect solution to kick this silent killer to the curb once and for all.

So you can live your golden years with complete peace of mind.

You can withdraw your money to cover bills and afford life’s luxuries and still know that there’s going to be more to tap into in the years ahead.

The world’s wealthiest experience this. . . . and you can, too. It all starts with the four specific investments I’m going to share with you in a moment.

But before I show you that I have to tell you about. . . .

Novices think of investing as looking at lines on a chart and picking stocks.

But the world’s wealthiest think of investing as becoming a partner in the businesses they invest in.

That’s why Sam Walton set up ownership of Walmart’s stock in a family partnership.

Each of his children hold 20% of the company.

That’s the reason they can make $100 million a day. Walmart dividends are the gift that keep giving. Even long after Sam Walton passed away.

Warren Buffett even built Berkshire Hathaway on this entire partnership premise. It’s just a conglomerate holding company for other businesses.

Which is why he said:

Warren Buffett

“Charlie (Munger) and I view the marketable common stocks that Berkshire owns as interests in businesses, not as ticker symbols to be bought and sold based on their chart patterns, the target prices of analysts, or the opinion of media pundits.” And that, “you buy into a company because you want to own it, not because you want the stock to go up.”


The results speak for themselves.

$1,000 invested with Berkshire in 1965, would be worth more than $27 million today. Compared to just $200,000 if you had invested the same amount in the S&P 500.

This is a new mindset. No longer are you just buying and selling stocks.

You are now the CEO of your own stock acquisition company.

When you buy stocks, you are the partial owner of a real business. Never forget this.

It doesn’t matter how small your stake is.

You must acquire business that you actually want to partner with.

However, these companies can be time consuming to find.

And I understand. Looking at financial statements, being a fly on the wall for earnings calls, scrutinizing the management, and analyzing product pipelines can be daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s a simple way to remove the guesswork and put these three rules to work for you. So you can build real, sustainable wealth for life!

This chart right here will tell you everything you need to know. . . .

It shows the total returns to the S&P 500.

The red indicates how much of the returns were due to stock prices going up.

And the blue shows how much were attributed to dividend growth.

As you can see, dividends contribute a lot to a stock’s overall returns!

The longer you hold a stock, the more this holds true.

And this is why stocks, not bonds, are hands down the best investment for those looking to get their retirements on track.

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is one of the most legendary investors of our time.

He ran the Fidelity Magellan Fund which generated 29% annual returns over 13 years—growing assets under management from $18 million to $18 BILLION at his time of retirement.

And he said:

“The reason that stocks do better than bonds is not hard to fathom. As companies grow larger and more profitable, their stockholders share in the increased profits. The dividends are raised.

The dividend is such an important factor in the success of many stocks that you could hardly go wrong by making an entire portfolio of companies that have raised their dividends for 10 or 20 years in a row.”

That last part is the key right there. . . .

Because when you invest in companies that are raising their dividends you are also knocking out all three parts of my Retirement Revival Formula .

If a company is raising their dividends, they’re generating a lot of cash flow. Which means they’re probably operating in a trend that’s likely to continue.

A company can’t pay out dividends if they’re struggling to stay afloat.

That’s why Radio Shack—once a dividend payer—went bankrupt and their stock ended up being worthless.

Seeking dividend growth also knocks out Part 2 of my Retirement Revival Formula .

If you have a stock yielding 5% or more, and it’s dividend is being raised every year, you’re automatically outpacing inflation which has been around 3.5% a year historically.

And if you’ve found those rare stocks yielding 8% to 10% a year, you won’t ever worry about your dollars not going as far as they used to.

You could afford going out to dinner and seeing movies for many years to come. Even if they continue to hike prices up.

Lastly, when you’re getting dividend payments—either monthly or quarterly—you’re reminded that you’re a partner in the business.

That checks off Retirement Revival Part 3.

It doesn’t matter if you reinvest the dividends, or decided to pay off bills with them, you have that reminder to check up on the management and the business.

You can make sure everything is smooth sailing. And if you don’t like what you see, then you can sell your shares and decide to “become a partner” elsewhere.

Now, I know picking the right stocks, with growing dividends can be daunting. A quick search reveals there are over 3,000 stocks that are paying dividends at this moment.

That’s a lot to sift through!

What’s more, some of these stocks bait you with double-digit yields, but end up being risky investments.

It’s called a value trap.

The executives of troubled companies know the only way to attract investors and raise money is to dangle these sky-high yields.

In 2012, Radio Shack’s dividend yield pushed above 11%. On the surface it might have looked good.

There was probably a Radio Shack in any strip mall you drove by. However, the company was in deep trouble and ended up filing for bankruptcy. And investors lost any money they had in the company!

Also, the numbers on the surface can be deceiving.

A company can be increasing dividends at an annual average of 10%.

But behind the scenes it could mean they did a 15% increase five years ago. . . . a 12% hike four years ago. . . . and 10% three years ago. . . . 8% two years ago. . . . and 6% a year ago.

That’s a sign of a company on the downfall—definitely not one you want to partner with!

The sweet spot is to find those solid stocks paying out 5% to 8% yields that are steadily increasing.

Or those rising stars yielding perhaps 2% to 3%, but rapidly increasing their dividends.

These are the superstars that can help you build wealth through turbulent times.

The ones that can pay you thousands of dollars in retirement so you can enjoy life without worrying about when you’ll run out of money.

And today, I’ve made it really easy for you to find them. . . .

I’ve put my top recommendations in a report,
Four Dividend Superstars for an Uncertain Market. And you can claim a copy today for FREE.

This report is hands down the single best way to get started putting the Retirement Revival Formula to work for you.

So you can tap into the same secret that helped my clients on Wall Street. The same secret the wealthy have used for decades to build crash-proof wealth.

And now, it can help YOU starting today.

If you’re behind on your retirement savings and can’t afford another crash, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

As the name of this reports suggests, you’ll get four dividend superstars to help you build wealth as we head into these uncertain times.

Many good stocks were thrown out with the bathwater in March. Which means they’re priced at a bargain. You may never see an opportunity like this again.

When things “return to normal” you’ll have to pay much higher prices. . . . and you’ll have missed out on a steady stream of growing dividend payouts.

So you must act quickly.

Let me take you through each of them and show you how they check off each part of my Retirement Revival Formula .

You’ll see that these stocks can help you get your retirement back on track starting today.

Dividend Superstar #1:
The Global Infrastructure King

  • Trend That’s Certain to Continue — G10 countries have infrastructure that’s aging. And emerging market countries are going to need a lot more to support their growing populations and economies. It’s estimated that $94 trillion will be needed over the next several decades to meet this demand.
  • Beats Inflation — Current yield is over 6%. More than double historical inflation!
  • A Business You Want to Partner With— Over the past two decades, they’ve delivered 17% average annual returns — nearly triple the 4.5% average annual return of the overall market during the same period. Furthermore, they operate 2,000 assets in more than 30 countries spread out over five continents. They’ve grown their quarterly payouts 284% over the last decade. Yes! This is definitely a business you want to partner with!

Dividend Superstar #2:
The Energy Tollbooth That’s Trading at a Discount

  • Trend That’s Certain to Continue — The world needs energy. We need it to power our homes, drive to work, and run businesses. This is not going to change anytime soon.
  • Beats Inflation— With a 12.3% yield, your wealth is safe with this one.
  • A Business You Want to Partner With — Oil and gas prices can be volatile, which makes energy stocks subject to wild price swings. Tollbooth companies — those that collect payments for piping, storage, and transport — are the exception. And this company is in the perfect position for growth. Its shares are trading at a discount now, but as the economy rebounds you have the chance to rapidly grow your money. This is an added bonus on top of its juicy yield!

Dividend Superstar #3:
Profit From This Company’s Triple-Lease Strategy

  • Trend That’s Certain to Continue — As the population ages, demand for new drugs and treatments will grow. . . . as will demand and research into new treatments and cures. And this company is perfectly positioned to ride this demographic tailwind.
  • Beats Inflation— At 3.18% this company is yielding just above the historical inflation average. But their dividend growth in the years could change that, which makes a strong case for getting in now. . . . before its yield skyrockets to a level that attracts investors’ attention.
  • A Business You Want to Partner With —This is a REIT that has top-notch, investment quality firms as its tenants. It’s also employing a triple-lease strategy that allows them to rake in maximum cash flow with minimum risk. The details of this brilliant strategy is laid out in Four Dividend Superstars for an Uncertain Market.

Dividend Superstar #4:
The Little-Known 5G Leader

  • Trend That’s Certain to Continue — Trump has said 5G is a national priority. A buildout of the needed infrastructure will happen regardless of what the economy or markets are doing. And this company will play a major role as this overhaul comes into full force.
  • Beats Inflation— At 3.3%, this stock is ahead of historical inflation. And this number will continue to grow as 5G storms the country.
  • A Business You Want to Partner With — This company is expected to own 240,000 of the 300,000 small cell towers needed to power the 5G revolution. They’ll then lease them to companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. A solid business you’ll want to partner with for many years to come!

As you can see, these dividend superstars meet all three parts of my Retirement Revival Formula .

However, they’re not the only companies on my radar.

I’ve been researching this low-interest, low-income environment for some time now. Long before this recent crash wiped out trillions from the economy.

I wanted to see how folks could find those safe-havens that could dish out juicy yields.

And I found a unique opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not stocks, or bonds.

It’s actually an ETF that nobody is paying attention at the moment. It’s the perfect complement to the four dividend superstars I just told you about.

It invests in four, traditional, high-income-paying sectors: financials, utilities, real estate, and communications.

I believe it’s the perfect investment for these volatile markets.

I wrote an entire report about called, How to Generate 6% in a 1% World.

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I’ll tell you how to claim these reports in a moment. But there’s one more thing I can’t ignore.

I touched on 5G briefly before. . . .

But it’s going to be an even bigger priority now.

The recent crisis highlighted just how much we need it.

Everyone working from home, and streaming movies has shined the spotlight on how sluggish our internet is.

Mashable wrote, “Internet speeds slowed down in some major cities after coronavirus forced people to stay home.”

The New York Times said, “Surging Traffic Is Slowing Down Our Internet.”

While their advice had good intentions, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

To get lightning-fast internet, our entire broadband infrastructure needs to be upgraded to 5G.

President Trump has made this a national priority “since day one.”

The recent sluggish internet connections millions of Americans experienced will only fast track this priority.

And I’ve found three ways to profit as this technological revolution gains traction.

The first company is one you wouldn’t think of in a million years. It operates in an industry that Cisco estimates will continue to grow at least 25% per year through 2021.

That means it could be more than three times its current size in just five years.

And investors stand to make some nice returns during this time.

The second company has rights to 40,000 cell towers, 65,000 small cell towers, and 70,000 miles of fiber optic cable.

All of this will be used to make 5G a reality.

So it doesn’t matter if we’re going through good times or bad times this company’s cell towers and fiber optics cables will still be in use.

Right now, they’re paying out a 3.2% yield. But as 5G rolls out, that could shoot through the roof.

Finally, the third company is a chipmaker with massive potential.

To give you an idea of just how massive it can be, consider this: There are 100 million people in the world who own an iPhone.

Well, this company makes the chip that will go into all new iPhones to enable 5G.

A small investment in this company right now, can set you up for an overflowing nest egg in the next few months.

You’ll find the full write ups of these 5G companies including ticker symbols and buy prices in a third special report called 3 Ways to Profit From the 5G Revolution.

Each of these reports are valued at $199.

But as I said, being a sales guy is not my style. And I’m not about to start right here.

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