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YES JAMES! This looks like it could be a sure winner — a way to triple my money at a minimum . . . I know the clock is ticking, so please start me up with Tom Hutchinson’s High Income Factor now . . . then rush me the name of the energy company that got the huge gift from Donald Trump.

On top of that, President Trump’s actions could add more than half a trillion dollars to the U.S. economy, and Tom Hutchinson knows how to make money on that, too!

That’s the advantage of joining someone with Tom’s vast experience and conservative investing values. I don’t need investing uncertainty or excitement. I want a steady flow of money, and Tom’s proven investment know-how can do that for me.


I am also excited because I get so much more with The High Income Factor than the special report Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments — I get all this too:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of The High Income Factor I’ll receive 3 monthly newsletter issues sent straight to my mailbox and email account during the first 90 days, then 9 monthly newsletters if I remain a subscriber after the 90-day trial subscription. Every month, Tom shares his insights on the economy, Wall Street, and retirement. But more importantly, Tom will share another “secret income stream” he was able to uncover in his continual research.
  • Weekly Updates The stock market is constantly changing, and it’s a full time job to stay on top of the latest news. Fortunately, I don’t have to dedicate hours each day to following the markets — Tom will do it for me. Every week he will give me his commentary on things I should be aware of, or opportunities to take advantage of. I’ll never again wonder what I should be doing in my portfolio —Tom will provide me with all the guidance I need.
  • Podcasts I didn’t realize listening to a podcast was so easy. It’s just like radio and I only have to click a link in an email! I’m excited by this extra service from Tom, because he wants to make sure my income is protected from sudden changes. So, if anything important happens in the markets, Tom will record a short podcast with all the details and send it directly to me.
  • Trade Alerts There are times when Tom finds a company at a huge discount due to irrational market moves. Taking advantage of these could mean the difference between an 8 percent yield and a 12 percent yield! So I’ll get an occasional “Trade Alerts” via email telling me exactly what to do. And if it’s ever time to sell a position, Tom will send out an email with those instructions too.
  • Access to High Income Factor’s Private Membership Website I get 24/7 access to the private membership website. This is where I find all the back issues, special reports, podcasts, updates, videos, and tutorials. In other words, if I ever think I missed something, or I am just curious, I can look back at High Income Factor’s archives. Everything Tom has ever written or recorded is in here.
  • BONUS GIFT No. 1: 3 Little Known Income Strategies to Triple Your Return. A $12.99 value.
  • BONUS GIFT No. 2: Earn 30 Times Your Money With ‘Guaranteed Income Certificates.’ A $19.95 value.
  • BONUS GIFT No. 3: Immediate Access to the Complete High Income Factor Wealth Library. Its 13 research reports contain the potential to turn a modest stake into a small fortune. A $168.25 value.

So, count me in.

Immediately start my $49.99 trial to The High Income Factor.

Because when you add it all up — along with my FREE Report Exploit the Trump Energy Boom With These Powerful Investments (a $29.95 value) — my trial subscription to The High Income Factor is a $231 value. And that’s a great deal. Even better when I consider that a year of The High Income Factor usually costs $199.

And, my subscription comes with Tom’s ironclad guarantee for a full 90 days to try it out — that means that if I find The High Income Factor is not for me, I get all my money back. But I still get to keep all the bonus reports.

But, when I decide to continue my subscription, my credit card will be automatically be charged the balance of a $99 one-year subscription to The High Income Factor. That’s just $50 for the following 9 months. And, I’ll receive the 50% discounted price for as long as I am a subscriber.

So, start my subscription to Tom Hutchinson’s High Income Factor, NOW!

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