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In the span of only a decade, the American Dream has vanished, becoming nothing but a mirage.

Today, the average American is working harder than ever, for less and less. And the comfortable retirement that we all hope for will not be possible for most people.

According to research by Wells Fargo, 75% of the American middle class expects to work through their retirement.

In fact, the middle class itself is on the verge of extinction. This is the single greatest economic threat facing the United States today — and yet, hardly anyone is talking about it.

Heart Health Report

I'm Tom Hutchinson, editor of The High Income Factor.

This newsletter is dedicated to providing ideas and strategies that will enable you to generate a high level of current income from your investments with a reasonable amount of risk in any market environment.

Each issue will focus on a theme that analyzes a recent trend or aspect of the market environment from which income investors can benefit. All investment ideas will be presented in an easy-to-read, common-sense manner that gets right to the point.

Specific investments will include a thorough analysis of the company or fund specifics, industry fundamentals and trends, as well as the overall effect that the economic environment has on the general market.

Each write-up will also include a brief summary. This is an easily perusable highlighted box that includes a one-sentence company profile along with brief bullet points regarding the benefits as well as the risks of the investment.

Many people who read today's headlines and listen to pundits on TV are understandably nervous about the current state of the world and investing. But, scary as things may seem, I believe we are in an age of unprecedented opportunity for investing. There are never-before-seen income opportunities due to the volatile markets, ever-evolving financial instruments, and the proliferation of investments and markets in virtually every corner of the globe.

At The High Income Factor, I'll carefully explain the moving parts and investment vehicles in today's market. I'll bring to your attention a wide-ranging variety of investments from the most traditional to ones that may sound downright exotic, and provide you with the information necessary to make a confident decision regarding what's best for you.

We will also provide less conventional strategies that allow you to take advantage of the current environment and generate a level of income you probably didn't think possible. We will seek out the best ways to generate a high income with a reasonable amount of risk — and I promise we will always explain the risks involved.

The High Income Factor will enable you to confidently adjust your strategy to prosper in the brave new world, and it will be a crucial and dependable partner in providing regular income in a market environment that can seem difficult to navigate. Plus, we'll keep you updated with free email alerts from Newsmax Finance.

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