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From the Desk of Charles Hamilton
Associate Publisher, Newsmax and Moneynews

Dear High Income Factor Subscriber,

TomI hope you are enjoying your subscription to The High Income Factor as much as Tom and I enjoy writing it.

Since the inception of the newsletter in 2011, we have seen Tom's model portfolio target high income investments such as the 9% yield in the Blackrock Enhanced Capital Fund, the 10% yield in Navios Maritime Partners, and the 12% yield in Prospect Capital.

Additionally, Tom has open gains of 47% in PepsiCo, 72% in Eli Lilly, and 84% in Intel.

Thousands of subscribers are benefiting . . . we get letters nearly every day from folks across America telling us how they are retiring earlier, paying off their mortgages, and even traveling to their dream destinations thanks to the money they have made using The High Income Factor.

Tom and I can't tell you what joy this brings to our lives. It makes all the hard work and late nights behind the scenes worth it.

Please know, I don't mention these feats to "toot our own horn."

Rather, I bring it up because our central goal from day one has been to help regular folks from around the globe make market-beating returns, just like the big boys on Wall Street. And it is SO rewarding to achieve that goal.

And we are excited to continue to do so for decades to come!

But, in my opinion . . .

While the Track Record Is Great,
That Is Only One of the Many Benefits of
Being a High Income Factor Subscriber

Look . . . I love making money as much as the next guy.

However, I think the biggest benefit of subscribing to The High Income Factor is having access to Tom.

For me, Tom is like a compass as I try to find my way through a financial maze. He reminds me why we invest and how to ignore the noise.

His lessons on the power of yield (and reinvesting those payments) keep me focused on steady growth instead of some pie-in-the-sky promise of quick gains.

And his research into the stocks gives me the confidence I need to move forward with an investment and even sleep well at night during the rough times.

Perhaps the combination of Tom's impeccable track record with his ability to teach is why The High Income Factor is so successful.

There's No Doubt, at $97.95 a Year,
The High Income Factor Is a Steal . . .
But a New Policy Is Forcing Us to Double Your Fee

Fact is, The High Income Factor was never supposed to be priced this cheaply.

Our CEO originally wanted to charge $199.

Tom said it wasn't fair to make it that expensive. He argued that a price like that wouldn't let regular folks benefit like the big boys. And we both wanted to create a newsletter that would help everyone prosper — so we wanted to eliminate as many barriers to entry as possible. So after several conversations with Tom, the price was reduced to $97.95 per year.

However, every year, the same "price increase" conversation comes up again.

The CEO, CFO, and COO want to know why we are practically giving The High Income Factor away. They say, "It has the best track record and the best expert behind it. People are signing up in droves. However, our costs are increasing and killing our profit margins . . . yet we have never once raised the subscription price!"

And every year, Tom and I have been able to convince them to keep the rock-bottom price of $97.95 unchanged . . . until now.

This time, they simply are not backing down.

They want a full $199 for a one-year subscription starting September 13th.

Nothing Has Changed . . . Yet!

We have until September 13th before any price change takes place before midnight. . .

Which means you still have time to lock in your subscription price at only $97.95 per year.

So for only $97.95, you can continue to get . . .

  • Tom's Monthly Newsletter: The same monthly newsletter that has guided over 70,000 subscribers to market-beating investments for the last four years.
  • The #1 rated model portfolio: The model portfolio that has targeted high income investments such as the 9% yield in the Blackrock Enhanced Capital Fund, the 10% yield in Navios Maritime Partners, the 12% yield in Prospect Capital, and has current gains of 47% in PepsiCo, 72% in Eli Lilly, and 84% in Intel.
  • Tom's weekly email updates: Each Wednesday morning, Tom will continue to send you an email with his insights on what is happening to the stock market, and more importantly, your positions!
  • Tom's "Sell Alerts": When it is time to exit a position, Tom will shoot you an email telling you to sell. It can't get any easier than that!

In short, you get full access to Tom . . . for only $97.95 per year.

That's 26 cents a day.

Where else can you get top-tier investment advice for only 26 cents a day?


NOTE: If you have a few months remaining on your subscription, you can (and should) still renew for another year. The new subscription term will start when your subscription expires!

The Best Part . . . You Make ZERO
Commitment Today!

The best part of this deal is that your subscription comes with our Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy.

The Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy states that you can lock in your subscription for as long as you would like (not to exceed five years) . . . but, if at some point down the road you choose to cancel your subscription, you get a FULL REFUND of the unused portion of your subscription term.

[So, if you sign up for a five-year term, and after one year as a subscriber, you decide to stop your subscription — just call, email, or fax us and we will give you a full refund of the remaining four years. Even if you sign up today, but change your mind tomorrow, you get a full refund of the unused portion!]

No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. No tricks!

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain by locking in your High Income Factor subscription today.

Just listen to what your fellow subscribers are saying about their subscription . . .

"I sent a copy to my adviser. He likes it, too!"
— Erlene T., Placentia, CA

"Even one-tenth of what you suggest will create some dividends."
— Chris A., Honolulu, HI

"You laid out the argument to purchase each investment that was not only compelling, but triggered action on my part. Strong work! And I want to congratulate you."
— Clay S., Blairsville, GA

"I am retired. Safety and yield are important and I can sleep at night with these investments."
— Richard H., Hollister, MO

"The High Income Factor is extremely well written, sensible, and provides excellent direction for investors."
— Peggy M., Lovettsville, VA

"Very good service. I wish I'd known about you sooner. Good companies and good dividends. This is the way to go. Otherwise that crazy stock market is a pure 'casino.'"
— Hubert S., United Kingdom

"The High Income Factor is the most relevant investment newsletter I have encountered."
— Peter H., Silver Lake, OH

The Timing Could Not Be Better!

Remember, the price increase will go into effect September 13th.

After that, you will never see The High Income Factor priced at $97.95 again.

This is your one and only chance to get access to Tom's top stock picks, his insight, and so much more, for what comes out to 26 cents a day . . . for up to five years.

No doubt the next five years will bring many challenges . . . stock market turmoil due to hyped greed and fear . . . interest rate adjustments from the Federal Reserve . . . along with international tension from war abroad and political tension at home.

I, for one, am glad that I don't have to navigate the stock market on my own. I am constantly listening to Tom's advice so that I will have a safer and more profitable future.

My hope is that you will be there with me, listening to Tom every step of the way, and profiting along with us!

So lock in as many years of The High Income Factor as you can before the price doubles.

Simply click here or scroll down.

Sales tax included where applicable.

To your prosperity,

Charles Hamilton
Finance Publisher

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